Overseas Property Insurance

Protect yourself with the right insurance

We are often asked how to make the most income from a holiday property, but few people think about the potential pitfalls of renting. The key to maximising income, whilst protecting yourself and your property, is getting the right insurance.

Accidents happen, so don’t leave yourself open to having to cover the cost of breakages, floods, theft, trips and falls. Be aware that not all insurance policies are the same and you need to make sure that you are signing up to the right cover for what you want to do with the property. Most standard home insurance policies will not cover you and your tenants if you’re using your home for a business, so check those terms and conditions with care.

To help our visitors make an informed decision on insurance cover, we’ve produced a helpful guide to Overseas Property Insurance which you can download for free.

Our recommended insurance provider

Bestinsure Europe has an excellent insurance policy which has been put together specifically for owners of overseas properties. It offers a comprehensive level of cover which covers all the normal building and contents cover, plus the all important business liability protection for a reasonable price.

We strongly recommend that everyone who is renting out their Spanish home through us should sign up to this policy so they are protected in the event of:

  • Damage to your home or its contents through flood, fire or theft
  • Loss of rent due to any damage to your property
  • Cost of alternative accommodation whilst the property is uninhabitable
  • Expenses such as architects, surveyors and legal fees
  • Public liability protection if tenants or employees are injured whilst in your property and sue
  • Cost of travel to your property in the event of loss or damage occurring in the property and requiring your presence to resolve it

As well as this excellent cover, the policy document is in English and all the staff members are English speakers, therefore making a claim, or getting your questions answered is much easier. It’s also underwritten by Lloyd’s of London syndicate and protected via Financial Services Authority regulations for total peace of mind.

Please contact us and one of our representatives will contact you to explain more about the policy and give you a quote.