Roquetas de Mar Area Guide

Roquetas de Mar is situated 15 km to the South West from the city of Almeria, capital of the province of Almeria. It is very handy for Almeria airport which is served by Ryanair and EasyJet.

Like the rest of the Almeria Coast, Roquetas del Mar enjoys a Mediterranean sub-tropical climate; warm, with moderate temperatures in winter and reaching 40ºC in the summer.

Roquetas del Mar is one of the two largest resorts on this Costa Almeria coast line (the other being Mojácar). The majority of holiday makers to date have been Spanish but now more British are coming to know about the area and are swelling the numbers. However, Roquetas del Mar is still relatively uncrowded compared to other Andalucian resorts and a very pleasant place to be. The fact that the resort has been developed by the Spanish for the Spanish also gives it a refreshingly authentic atmosphere.

The population is growing steadily and it has been said that Roquetas de Mar has the lowest unemployment rates in Almeria, employing people in the tourism and agricultural industries. Plus, there has been a good rate of start up service businesses recorded. If you are looking for somewhere to work along the coast, this might be a place to take a look at.

Holidaying in Roquetas de Mar

The port of Roquetas del Mar dates back to Roman times and the old town still has the charming twisting and turning cobbled streets designed by the Moors that we all enjoy so much. Add to this all modern amenities added in recent years and you have an excellent combination of the traditional and comfortable.

A particularly attractive aspect of the resort is the amount of promenades or ‘paseos’. There is a real delight to be found in strolling by the sea; and paths lined with shops and cafes lead into and through the city allowing you to enjoy strolling, shopping and soaking up the atmosphere.

Eating out is of course a must on holiday and you won’t be disappointed with the restaurants. Go to the port for all the many places clustered on the waterfront. The cuisine is typically Andalucian with lots of tomatoes, and obviously fish caught on such a pristine coast. Seafood such as clams and mussels are often steamed like a Spanish Moule Mariniere with wine, lemon, garlic and tomatoes. Plus, try the rice with lobster for a real treat.

Things to do in Roquetas de Mar

Activities in Roquetas del Mar are many and varied. Obviously going to the beach is a priority and the beaches are impressively clean, maintained beautifully by the municipality and the sea is crystal clear.

There are many sporting activities on offer such as horse riding, sailing, diving, snorkelling, and golf. If you enjoy an active holiday or lifestyle then you will be satisfied here, with a myriad of activities on offer such as golf (at Playa Serena), bird watching and lots of sightseeing opportunities.

The 18 hole, Par 72, Playa Serena Golf Club in Roquetas de Mar was designed by Angel Gallardo and Peter Allis and is reported to be in excellent condition all year round.

Also on offer is excellent walking, bird watching and enjoying nature in general because the whole area is designated a National Park. The Salinas de Cabo de Gata, is a saltwater lagoon of outstanding ecological interest, particularly for its birdlife. The salinas (saltpans) are the only ones still in operation in eastern Andalucia.

Visit the Cabo de Gata-Nijar if you want to see an amazing landscape – a range of volcanic rock formations, the largest in Spain which soar up to sharp peaks and then fall steeply to the sea creating astonishing cliffs.

Roquetas de Mar really has got it all – a charming old town, modern amenities, beaches, sporting activities and amazing natural reserves (and not a lager lout in sight!)

Roquetas de Mar Accommodation

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